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Seeding pastures or cover crops, fertilizers the model ATVK-400 helps get a head start early in the season. The 12 Volt Electric ATVK-400 has a 1 bushel capacity poly hopper to promote longer product life. The adjustable flow control mounted on the ATVK-400 is easy to adjust and provides better control over material flow.

  • 12 volt electric motor with variable speed control.
  • Snap-on lid to prevent seed from blowing out and keep moisture out.
  • Proven 2-opening seed gate that closes tightly and reopened to same setting.
  • Proven aluminum fan design used for years with accurate spread.
  • A mud and water shield to protect the spreader fan.
  • Complete wiring harness with simple clips to fasten to the battery terminals.
  • Lightweight, high strength design allows operator to easily mount and un-mount.
  • Flow control lever and seeding chart is easily accessible to the operator.
ATVK-400 ATV Attachment.
Mount Type: Rear Mount
Frame Construction: Welded Steel
Hopper: Translucent Polyethylene
Hopper Capacity: 1 Bushel
Power Source: 12-Volt Electric Motor
Power Connections: Wiring Kit Included
Control: Variable Speed (Operator Accessible)
Shipping Weight (lb/kg): 42-19
Product Item Number: 403425
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