(Heavy Duty)

If you need a box scraper to perform site preparation or restoration, or use for applicable farm practices, then our heavy duty box scrapers are what you need. They are ruggedly built with the features you need.

The scarifier height can be adjusted to loosen the soil at a desired depth or raised out of the way. Each box scraper has a reversible cutting edge to scrape material into the box area.

Photo of Box Scraper

The main features of the Worksaver Box Scraper are:

Built rugged for long dirt moving life.
Formed Moldboard for superior performance.
Reversible cutting edges are 6" reversible resulting in greater durability.
Heat-treated (dimple-on) tips for extended life of scarifiers.
Ideal for leveling, finish grading, backfilling at building sites, feedlots, outdoor arenas.
Features cuttings front and rear.
Heat-treated steel shanks scarify the ground for excellent soil preparation.
Scarifiers are height adjustable.
Model SBX-4 SBX-5 SBX-6 SBX-7
Item No. 341320 341325 341335 341340
Working Width 4 ft. 5 ft. 6 ft. 7 ft.
Overall Depth 21½ in. 21½ in. 21½ in. 21½ in.
Hitch Category Cat. 0/I Cat. I Cat. I Cat. I
Scarifiers 3 4 5 6
Cutting Edge 6" 6" 6" 6"
Recommended HP 18-25 20-25 25-40 30-40
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 320 lbs. 378 lbs. 428 lbs. 469 lbs.
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