Hydraulic Center Mount drivers are ideal for rolling terrain where vertical alignment needs adjustment for almost each post. The models HPD-16 SHC , HPD-20 SHC and HPD-24 SHC heavy duty, allows the operator to quickly align post and reduce tractor shock. The positioning pivots are built to withstand shock loads drivers produce during operation.

Fast and easy alignment is accomplished by two large 3" x 6" hydraulic cylinders. A separate two spool valve is easily accessible to the operator. One valve operates the fore and aft positions and the other operates the side to side positions. This valve operates on either open-center or closed-center hydraulic systems to match the operators tractor system, too. The "SHC" driver has stabilizer legs as standard equipment. They have independent height adjustment to allow for differences in terrain. The legs help to dampen the tractor tire bounce and reduce the hitch lift arm movement. SCH models also include our big-foot stabilizer to help reduce tractor bounce.

Hydraulic Post Driver with Hydraulic Adjusting Center Mount
HPD-series QuickChange SystemNew QuickChange system: Worksaver has introduced a new Feature called The QuickChange System for replacing the rod seal in the field.
Effective with S/N 1284.

Download Instructions to change cyl. rod seal

Model: HPD-16 SHC HPD-20 SHC HPD-24 SHC
Maximum post size: 6 in x 9 ft 8-3/4 in x 10 ft 11 in. x 10 ft.
Impact at full stroke: 32,000 lbs. 80,000 lbs. 110,000 lbs.
Impact at half stroke: 16,000 lb. 40,000 lb. N/A
Minimum tractor size: 30 pto hp 40 pto hp 50 pto hp
Rear hitch type: Cat. I and II Cat. II
Drive cylinder size: 2 in x 56 in 2 in x 68 in 2 - 3" x 6"
Operating range: 50" to 116" 50" to 128" N/A
Tilt adjustment (front/back): 17° from vertical
Tilt adjustment (side/side): 20° from vertical

SHC Driver & Mount Part List
HPD-16 Parts List HPD-20 Parts List HPD-24 Parts List
Hydr. Control Valve & Mount Bracket (HPD-24) Hydr. Control Valve & Mount Bracket (HPD-16/20) SHC Mount Parts List
HPD-16/20 SHC & SWO Manual HPD-24 SHC & SWO Manual

Please read carefully and follow all safety instructions, use post holder, and always wear safety glasses.

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