Building a new fence or replacing an existing one? Setting post for a structure, vineyards, or above ground crops? Landscaping or planting windbreaks? With Worksaver fence building products you'll get maximum results without a lot of work.

Worksaver is the leading manufacturer of post hole diggers in the United States, offering a wide selection to meet most of your needs. Our powerful post hole diggers and augers make digging smooth, deep holes fast and easy. Our diggers are built tough and built to last.

Model 300
Sub-compact tractors
Model 500
Standard Duty

Model 720
Heavy Duty

Model 925
Industrial Duty

Hydraulic Models

Retrofit SAFETY GUARDING is available for older 3-point post hole diggers. Worksaver, Inc. encourages you to install SAFETY GUARDING on all older 3-point hitch models

Please read and follow all product safety instructions.

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