SmoothCut PTO & Hydraulic Powered Stump Grinders

Economical and Efficient PTO and Hydraulic powered stump grinders make stump removal fast and easy. Operator easily controls the stump grinder from the comfort of the tractor or skid steer seat. Photo Close-up of Stump Grinder
Photo of Hydraulic Stump Grinder Photo of Stump Grinder

Photo of Stump Grinder Stabilizer Bar

Maneuverable - goes anywhere a tractor can; gets into tight places.

Higher productivity via it's unique cutting wheel design.

Cutting wheel design provides a smoother cutting action.

Easy to operate - hydraulic controls allow easy operation from the tractor seat using existing tractor hydraulic controls.

Durable carbide-tipped cutting teeth are economical and easy to replace.

Harden bushings used in major pivot points for increased reliability.

Grease zerks provided at major pivot points for extended service life.

Standard needle valve for precise control of cutting feed rate for best cutting action.

SureFoot stabilizer bar provides solid footing during operation.

Rubber deflector helps control chips and debris during grinding.

Parking stand for easy storage.

Tractor models require two pair of remote hydraulic outlets

Hydraulic model has quick attach universal skid steer hitch system.

skid steer unit has hydraulic solenoid valve requiring only one pair of remote hydraulic outlets.

SmoothCut Specifications
Model SG-26Model SG-36Model SG-26H
HitchCat. ICat. I/IIUniv. Skid Steer
Overall Length (est.)75-inches80-inches72-inches
Drive SystemSlip Clutch PTO/Series 5Slip Clutch PTO/Series 6System Pressure Hydraulics
PTO speed540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm @ 19.4 gpm
Drive system protectionSlip Clutchslip clutchSystem Pressure
Gearbox rating/ratio60 hp / 1:1.5100 hp / 1:1.4660 hp / 1:1.5
Cutting wheel construction--Welded 2-piece laminated steel--
Cutting wheel thickness----------¾"----------
Cutting wheel diameter26-inches36-inches26-inches
Cutting wheel speed (approx.)
@ 540 PTO rpm
810 rpm
5,515 ft./min
788 rpm
7,430 ft./min
810 rpm
5515 ft./min
Number of teeth334233
Cutting teeth construction------Carbide Steel Bolt In------
Cutting height above ground18-inches18-inches18-inches
Cutting depth below ground10-inches15-inches10-inches
Max. cut depth per pass5-inches8-inches5-inches
Maximum horizontal cut28-inches33-inches28-inches
Swing arc45-degrees45-degrees45-degrees
Min. power / flow required22-PTO hp45-PTO hp15 gpm
Max. power / flow50-PTO hp100-PTO hp25 gpm
Drive SystemPTO Series 5pPTO / Series 6Hydraulic
PTO Speed540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm @ 19.4 gpm
Weight (est.)660-lbs.880-lbs.757 lbs.
Computer product number811500811550811640
* Be Sure front of tractor is properly counterbalanced with front-end weights or front-end loader.
SG-26 Part ListSG-36 Part ListSG-26H Part List
Download Manual
Photo of Caution Sign  Read and understand Operator's Manual before operation.
Photo of Caution Sign  Stump Grinder will put a heavy load on the rear of your tractor. Be sure front of tractor is properly counterbalanced with weights.
Photo of Caution Sign  Never allow children or bystanders around tractor or stump grinder when you are using equipment.
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