Flat-faced coupler set for skid steer attachments.
Worksaver, Inc. would like to announce the addition of a Flat-Faced Coupler Set to our accessory offering. Our new Flat-Faced Coupler Set is designed to interface with the standard hose ends on our skid steer attachments, allowing for easy hook-up to most of today's skid steer loaders. This Flat-Faced Coupler Set in now available for use with the following Worksaver skid steer attachments.
SSBH-2072 Bale Hand, SSSO-908 Bale Spin Off, 924HC Post Hole Digger, SSGR-262 Grapple, SSGR-277 Grapple, HPD-16-HSS, HPD-22Q-HSS, and HPD-16/22Q-HSS/P, HPD-26Q-HSS and HPD-26Q-HSS/P Post Drivers.