Wayne Davis and his Worksaver skid steer grader blade.
Wayne Davis Excavating & Trucking was started in 1978 by Wayne Davis. The company offers residential and commercial services such general excavation, site development, demolition work, driveway and parking lot grading, sewer, water line and septic system applications. A customer of Worksaver, Inc., for over 30 years, they have bought multiple attachments to help with their general excavation, grading and other site prep work. Attachments owned include the SSGB-8B skid steer grader, SARG®-84 (Sweep Action Rock Grapple) and skid steer Power Landscape Rake, which allow Wayne Davis Excavating & Trucking to elevate its productivity.
Worksaver, Inc. has also been a customer of Wayne Davis Excavating & Trucking, which is one of the reasons the company began using Worksaver attachments. “They’re customers of mine and their shop is only a mile away from mine,” said Wayne Davis, owner of Wayne Davis Excavating & Trucking. “It’s really handy and if I have a problem I just run out there and they doctor it up and away I go.”
Such was the case with Davis’ Power Landscape Rake from Worksaver. The product was one of the first prototypes from the company and Davis was using that early version of the landscape rake when he had an issue with the hydraulic angling of the rake in one direction and brought it back to Worksaver, so they could replace the valve and have it inspected. “I think that was the only thing I took back and that was one of their first ones, kind of a prototype. They gave it to me and let me use it, it was kind of a ‘let me know what it needs’ type thing,” Davis said. “I work locally quite a bit and it gives them an opportunity to come by and observe the attachments in action and how they work under real jobsite conditions. It works well for both of us.”
Davis buys Worksaver products almost exclusively since they work so well and are able to get the job done faster and easier. “I’ve bought quite a few Worksaver attachments and have had good luck with them,” Davis said.
Worksaver products owned by Davis include:

  • SSGB-8B Skid Steer Grader Blade, for subgrading and surface preparation..
  • 84” SARG® (Sweep Action Rock Grapple), pulls rocks or debris into the bucket, leaving the dirt behind.
  • Brush Grapple
  • Pallet forks
  • Power Landscape Rake, to prep, smooth, set grade, level, till and remove rocks.

These attachments allow Davis to complete residential and commercial work for customers more quickly and efficiently. “I’m always looking for a way to save time and money. You’re a fool if you don’t,” said Davis. “There’s always a better and faster way of doing things.”
Davis has just recently ventured into the skid steer market, buying his first one only six or seven years ago. Worksaver offers equipment able to fit skid steers, front loaders and tractor 3-pt hitches. The grader blade used by Wayne Davis Excavating & Trucking fits a skid steer and Davis recently used it to re-grade a baseball diamond. The size of the Worksaver grader blade and the ability to use a skid steer, allows Davis to more easily maneuver around objects or fence lines. The grader blade can also be equipped with a laser system, which helps maintain grade to tight tolerances.