HHU-2045 round bale unroller.
Worksaver, Inc. offers a video on YouTube featuring its HHU-2045 Hay Handler / Unroller, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEu85jiz5Us. The video shows the HHU-2045 Unroller in action, unrolling large round bales for feeding with easy operation from the tractor seat.
The HHU-2045 is rated at 2,200 lbs. and is designed for round bales of 4' or 5' in width and up to 6' in diameter. Operators are able to unroll what the cattle will clean up in one hour, eliminating wasted hay. Also, by changing the feeding location each day the operator can eliminate manure buildup. The HHU-2045 fits Cat. I/II hitches, as well as Cat. I or II Quick Hitch.
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