RW Spin Off hay handling equipment.
A video showcasing the RW Spin Off hay bale feeding equipment from Worksaver, Inc., is available on YouTube, . The video shows the RW Spin Off in action, transporting and feeding large round bales.
RW Spin Off models can rotate in both directions for easy feeding and allow the operator to unroll what the cattle will clean up in one hour, eliminating wasted hay. Also, by changing the feeding location each day the operator can eliminate manure buildup.
Three models are available, FSO-906, FLSO-907 and SSSO-908. These models are designed to fit Category II or Category III 3-pt hitches (FSO-906), front loaders (FLSO-907) and skid steers (SSSO-908). These models are hydraulically driven for better operator control, provide easy operation from the cab of tractors or skid steers and feature a forged tapered spear for easier bale penetration.
Worksaver, Inc. is a manufacturer of agricultural, industrial, commercial and construction equipment for a variety of applications for property owners, farmers, ranchers, contractors and many others. A variety of equipment is able to fit skid steers and front loaders and tractors.