How to operate RW Spin Off round bale unroller.


  1. Install the SpinOff on the tractor in accordance with mounting instructions and common three point mounting practices.
  2. Connect the hydraulic hoses. Make sure the ends are clean before insertion.
  3. Back the tractor toward the bale from either end while keeping the center shaft horizontal and near the center of the bale.
  4. Continue backing until the center shaft and spinner are fully inserted into the bale.
  5. Raise the three point hitch.
  6. Drive to the desired range feeding location.
  7. Remove the bale twine and dispose of it properly.
  8. Do not lower the bale to the ground. The rear end of the bale should be higher than the forward end.
  9. Select a tractor gear slightly above mid-range.
  10. Set the throttle a little above idle.
  11. When the tractor is in a forward motion, slowly engage the hydraulic lever to rotate the bale. This will unroll the hay into a windrow.
  12. Adjust the forward speed of the tractor to adjust the windrow size. A faster speed for a smaller windrow, a slower speed for a larger windrow.
  13. Experiment with different forward speeds and rotation of the bale to unroll the desired windrow.