Need help handling dry or wrapped bales?
Worksaver probably has what you need.
Worksaver is a leading manufacturer of bale handling equipment in America. We manufacture 29 types of spears, forks, and specialty bale handling attachments, including many quick-attach mounting brackets for various brand loaders.
SPEARS: The tapered forged spring steel spears are best used on tight center or wrapped round bales. The double or triple forged spring steel spears also work great on large square bales.
FORKS: Worksaver forks are internally strengthened (patented) to reduce external cutting edges that may slice bale twine. The forks are 55" long to craddle the bale better.
SPECIALTY: Unrolling round bales reduces waste and manure build-up. The unroller provides livestock the ability to graze naturally, which is more efficient. The Hugger® and wrapped bale handler are designed for wrapped, high moisture, or dry hay bales. To handle large square bales, look at our loader mounted bale Grabber,® which allow operators to stacks bale higher.

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