Worksaver flip-over culti-packer in working position

Working position

Worksaver flip-over culti-packer in transport position

Transport position

Worksaver flip-over culti-packer features greasable bearings

Greaseable bearings

Perfect for final compaction after seeding your food plot. Reduces air pockets and increases seed germination. Helps prevent erosion. Unique design allows for easy “flip-over” from transport to operation mode. Can also be used for breaking the crust of rain-hardened soil, to allow emerging seedlings to break through and grow.

  • HP Requirement (minimum) 18 HP or 350cc
  • Construction Welded Steel
  • Operation Width 50"
  • Tire Size 4" x 12" Pneumatic
  • Culti-Packer Wheels (22) Cast Iron
  • Shipping Weight 274 lbs.
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HP Requirements (minimum): 18 HP or 350 cc
Construction: Welded Steel
Operating Width (in/cm): 50/127
Tire Size: 4' X 12" Pneumatic
Number of Culti-Packer Wheels: 22
Culti-Packer Wheel Material: Cast Iron
Shipping Weight (lb/kg): 274/124
Product Item Number: 940435
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