Need help handling round or square bales?
Worksaver has the answer


1: 3-pt bale spears.

3-PT. Bale Spear

Our 3-pt. mounted bale spears are designed depending on model, to handle up to 3,000 lbs. bales. The line features forged spring steel spears designed for hard center bales allowing easier spear penetration of and withdrawal from the bale(s).

Bale unroller and bale handler

Bale Unroller & Handler

Our bale unroller & handler is ideal for unrolling large round bales for feeding. Conserves hay by unrolling what cattle will eat in one hour. Easy operation from the tractor seat. Allows easy feeding relocation, which reduces manure buildup and spreads seeds. The HHU-2045 fits Cat. I/II hitches, as well as Cat.I or II Quick Hitch. 

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Front loader bale attachments.

Front Loader Attachments

Designed for Use on Tractor Front Loaders. These attachments require that the front loader bucket be removed to install. Ideal for the operator who is moving round bales on a daily basis.

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Bale clamping attachments.

Bale Clamping Attachments

Specialty front loader hay handling attachments. These attachments require that the front loader bucket be removed to install unit.

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Skid steer bale attachments.

Skid Steer Bale Attachments

Designed for use on Skid Steer Loaders. These attachments are manufactured to interface with the "universal" skid steer quick attach mounting system. They may also be used on tractor loaders that use the "universal" skid steer quick attach mounting system for their attachments

Bucket bale attachments.

Bucket Bale Attachments

Designed for use on Front Loader Buckets. These attachments allow the operator to leave the bucket installed when handling round bales. Ideal for the operator who is looking for an economical way to move a few round bales.

Integrated-Frame Bale Spears

Integrated-Frame designed hay attachments. These attachments feature all welded frame design, that incorporates the interfacing quick attach brackets welded to the unit. The attachments are loader model specific.

Telehandler attachments from Worksaver

Telehandler Attachments

Integrated-frame bale spears manufactured to mount to select OEM telehandler mounts, for handling round and rectangular bales.

Bale spin-off.

Bale Spin-Off

Designed as an efficient hay management tool for moving and feeding round bales. The Spin Off hydraulically rotates the bale, unwinding the hay in to a windrow.

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