No auxiliary hydraulics to operate the clamp on a grapple? No problem with Worksaver’s (patent applied for) Electric Sub-Compact Grapple. All you need is a connection to the battery. Engineered for Sub-Compact tractors (up to 32-hp) with a loader to handle debris & so much more. The ESCG-48S and ESCG-48JD are opening up possibilities never before available to large and small property owners.

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Electric Sub-Compact Grapple from Worksaver requires no auxiliary hydraulics.
Electric Sub-Compact Grapple from Worksaver handles debris and so much more.
  • 12-volt linear actuator with 8-inch stroke operates the grapple clamp
  • Includes wiring harness for direct connection to the tractors’ battery
  • Pre-wired push button switch controls the grapples’ linear actuator
  • Designed for sub-compact tractors up to 32 horsepower
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Electric Sub-Compact Grapple rocker switch allows the operator to control grapple movement with the touch of a finger.
Electric Sub-Compact Grapple 12-volt industrial actuator with 8-inch stroke, slip clutch protected for dependable operation.
Electric Sub-Compact Grapple Rake Specifications
Overall Width (in/mm) 49 / 1245 49 / 1245
Mount Type Skid Steer JD Hook & Pin
Overall Height Closed (in/mm) 41.5 / 1054 41.5 / 1054
Grapple Opening (in/mm) 31 / 787 31 / 787
Upper Grapple Width (in/mm) 28.25 / 718 28.25 / 718
Lower Grapple Width (in/mm) 49 / 1245 49 / 1245
Tine Spacing (in/mm) 9.25 / 235 9.25 / 235
Number of Tine/Grapple (lower/upper) 6 / 3 6 / 3
Type of Linear Actuator 12-volt, IP65 Rated 12-volt, IP65 Rated
Actuator Stroke (in/mm) 8/ 203 8 / 203
Weight (lbs/kg) 247 / 112 240 / 109
Product No.  811880 811885
Download Manual Units prior to 1/1/2022
Download Manual Units after 1/1/2022
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Electric Sub-Compact Grapple for John Deere tractors from Worksaver.
The Grapple Rake is designed for handling loose logs, trees, stumps, brush, or other loose material. It is not designed for bulldozing. The rake frame is not designed to bulldoze out stumps or buried rocks. DO NOT turn when tines are in ground. To prevent damage to the grapple clamp arm, DO NOT use the grapple clamp to push or lift trees, logs, or stumps. DO NOT use the grapple clamp arm to rake or pull material back. The grapple clamp is designed for holding material against the rake main frame for handling only. It is NOT built for pushing, pulling, raking, or lifting heavy objects.

WARNING: Read and understand the operator’s manual before operation. Be sure tractor/skid steer is properly counterbalanced. Damage to equipment or personal injury could occur.