No auxiliary hydraulics to operate the clamp on a grapple? No problem with Worksaver’s (patent applied for) Electric Sub-Compact Grapple. All you need is a connection to the battery. Engineered for Sub-Compact tractors (up to 32-hp) with a loader to handle debris & so much more. The ESCG-48S and ESCG-48JD are opening up possibilities never before available to large and small property owners.

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Electric Sub-Compact Grapple from Worksaver requires no auxiliary hydraulics.
Electric Sub-Compact Grapple from Worksaver handles debris and so much more.
  • 12-volt linear actuator with 8-inch stroke operates the grapple clamp
  • Includes wiring harness for direct connection to the tractors’ battery
  • Pre-wired rocker switch controls the grapples’ linear actuator
  • Designed for sub-compact tractors up to 32 horsepower
  • Download the literature
Electric Sub-Compact Grapple rocker switch allows the operator to control grapple movement with the touch of a finger.
Electric Sub-Compact Grapple 12-volt industrial actuator with 8-inch stroke, slip clutch protected for dependable operation.
Electric Sub-Compact Grapple for John Deere tractors from Worksaver.
Electric Sub-Compact Grapple Rake Specifications
Overall Width (in/mm) 49 / 1245 49 / 1245
Mount Type Skid Steer JD Hook & Pin
Overall Height Closed (in/mm) 41.5 / 1054 41.5 / 1054
Grapple Opening (in/mm) 31 / 787 31 / 787
Upper Grapple Width (in/mm) 28.25 / 718 28.25 / 718
Lower Grapple Width (in/mm) 49 / 1245 49 / 1245
Tine Spacing (in/mm) 9.25 / 235 9.25 / 235
Number of Tine/Grapple (lower/upper) 6 / 3 6 / 3
Type of Linear Actuator 12-volt, IP65 Rated 12-volt, IP65 Rated
Actuator Stroke (in/mm) 8/ 203 8 / 203
Weight (lbs/kg) 247 / 112 240 / 109
Product No.  811880 811885
Download Manual
WARNING: Read and understand the operator’s manual before operation. Be sure tractor/skid steer is properly counterbalanced. Damage to equipment or personal injury could occur.