Worksaver post drivers.

Worksaver with over two decades of post driver innovations now offers two series of post drivers. Our standard duty model HPD-16 incorporates many of the innovations first brought to the market by Worksaver: “convertible” hydraulic valve, grease zerks at all major pivot locations, plated manual cranks, plastic slide blocks, adjustable legs, bubble level, and SplitCap™. The HPD-16 (32,000 lbs. of force) is ideal for the small property owner with limited fence posts to drive. Our patented Q-series of hydraulic drivers, HPD-22Q (80,000 lbs. of force) and HPD-26Q (110,000 lbs. of force) offer ingenious solutions to routine maintenance to keep the operator building fence. Q-series drivers feature two time savings QuickChange™ system. Worksaver’s SplitCap™ with enhanced cylinder rod design allows the operator to perform routine maintenance on the rod cap seal without removing the cylinder from the driver. Our Q-spring assembly reduces spring change over from hours to minutes. This design offers increased service life when compared to conventional post driver springs. The integrated spring/ spring-anchor design when mounted to the cushion mounts reduces vibration which further provides increased spring service life. Increasing fence-building performance, making the Q-series a game changer.

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The patented Q-series of hydraulic post drivers continues Worksaver’s innovation with post drivers. In the past two decades Worksaver has brought the following enhancements to the market:

  • First to replace metal rollers with plastic slide blocks
  • Patented skid steer return lines on skid steer post drivers
  • First to install a rubber deflector guard around driving head assembly
  • Self-contain post driver for skid steer loaders
  • First to develop front loader mounted post drivers
  • First with circular bubble level on all models
  • First with adjustable legs on all models
  • First with “convertible” valve for open center/closed center hydraulic systems
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New QuickChange system:

QuickChange System from Worksaver.
Worksaver has introduced a new Feature called The QuickChange System for replacing the rod seal in the field.

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Download Instructions to change cyl. rod seal

HPD-16/22Q Manual Adjust, 3-pt. Hydraulic Post Drivers

The HPD-16/22Q models with manual adjust quickly deliver an air tight post set for wood or steel posts. Base model offers manual adjustment cranks and bubble level for prefect vertical alignment on flatland or hillsides.
HPD-16 and Q-Series 3 pt. hydraulic post drivers.

HPD-16/22Q/26Q SHC Hydraulic Adjust, 3-pt. Hydraulic Post Drivers

Designed and engineered for those who have serious fencing to do. These center mounted units offer all the quality features of the basic HPD-16 & HPD22Q plus effortless hydraulic driver alignment controlled by two 3" x 6" hydraulic cylinders.
HPD-16 and Q-Series HSS skid steer mounted hydraulic post drivers.

HPD-16 HSS, HPD-22Q HSS & HPD-26Q HSS Skid Steer Mounted, Hydraulic Post Drivers

For greater multi-task performance from your skid steer, connect it to a hydraulic skid steer mounted post driver. The HPD-16 HSS, HPD-22Q & HPD-26Q HSS are all hydraulic adjust for quicker productivity.
Self-contained, skid steer mounted hydraulic post drivers.

HPD-16/22Q/26Q HSS/P Self-contained, Skid Steer Mounted, Hydraulic Post Drivers

Save time by simplifying driver installation and removal with a self-contained hydraulic post driver. Features include a hydraulic pump, motor and reservoir. No special return line fittings are required.
WARNING: Read and understand the operator’s manual before operation. Be sure tractor/skid steer is properly counterbalanced. Damage to equipment or personal injury could occur.