Our Post Hole Diggers Dig Deeper, Faster & Smarter


Engineered to allow the operator to dig deeper, faster and smarter, Worksaver’s complete line of PTO powered diggers offer time saving convenience with outstanding reliability. Shear-bolt protected driveline is coupled to a rugged gearbox featuring tapered roller bearings and spring-loaded seals for extended service life. Large 2” output shaft has two-bolt auger connection for reliable power transfer. All job matched augers utilize fishtail center points with double flighting on the first turn for quick, positive digging action right from the start. Download the literature.


Model 300 3-pt post hole digger for sub-compact tractors - Worksaver.

Model 300 Digger for Sub-compact Tractors

Ideal for the small acreage owners, Model 300 mates to most sub-compact tractors with a Cat. 0 or limited Cat. I three point hitches with 7/8" pins. Standard positioning handle allows the operator to place the digger from the tractor seat. Due to the low height profile of these sub-compact tractors, augers 30” in length are offered in 6”, 9” and 12” diameters providing versatility when digging holes.
Model 500 standard duty 3-pt post digger for tractors - Worksaver.

Model 500 Standard Duty 3-pt Post Hole Digger

Our most popular digger, the model 500 standard duty offers 3-position boom adjustment allowing it to adapt to most tractors. Tubular steel stock of 2.875" diameter is used for the boom for increased durability.

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Model 720 heavy-duty 3-pt post hole digger for tractors - Worksaver.

Model 720 Heavy-duty Post Hole Digger

Increased performance is offered in the model 720 heavy-duty digger. Designed for Cat. I/II tractors, this model offers 3-position boom adjustment, rugged gearbox and a 3-1/2" diameter boom for dependable operation.
Model 925 industrial duty 3-pt post hole digger for tractors - Worksaver.

Model 925 Industrial Duty Post Hole Digger

Industrial duty workhorse, the model 925 provides dependable operation when mated with any auger from 6" to 30" in diameter. Fits and Cat. I/II tractor with 540 rpm PTO.
Skid steer mounted hydraulic post hole digger - Worksaver.

Models 914HC, 924HC Skid Steer Mounted Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

Increase your reach over shrubs, fence lines and other obstructions with a skid steer mounted 914HC/924HC hydraulically driven digger. Great time saver with exceptional up-front visibility and control.

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Bolt-on hydraulic post hole digger - Worksaver.

Models 714HC, 724HC Bolt-on Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

Increase productivity with these bolt-on hydraulic diggers. Mounts to side of any loader bucket allowing the operator an unobstructed view of the task at hand.
Hydraulic 3-pt post hole digger, model 614HC and 624HC - Worksaver.

Models 614HC, 624HC 3-pt. Hydraulic Post Hole Digger

Increased performance is offered in the models 614HC & 624HC 3-pt mounted hydraulic post hole diggers. Designed for Cat. I/II (7/8” Pins) three point hitches, they offer all the features of our 3-pt diggers with power provided by a field proven hydraulic drive motor and gearbox combination for a smooth transfer of power to the auger. Counter weights assure the digger maintains its vertical position for true-vertical holes.
WARNING: Read and understand the operator’s manual before operation. Be sure tractor/skid steer is properly counterbalanced. Damage to equipment or personal injury could occur.