Designed as an efficient hay management tool for moving and feeding round bales, the RW Spin Off hydraulically rotates the bale, unwinding the hay into a windrow. Rotates in both directions for easy feeding and allows the operator to unroll what the cattle will clean up, eliminating wasted hay. Also, by changing the feeding location each day the operator can eliminate manure buildup. Available in three models and designed to fit Category II or Category III 3-pt hitches (FSO-906), front loaders (FLSO-907) and skid steers (SSSO908). All models are hydraulically driven for better operator control, provide easy operation from the cab of tractors or skid steers and feature a forged tapered spear for easier bale penetration. All have usable spear length of 53”. Download the literature. watch video button
SSSO908 bale spin-off for skid steers.
FLSO-907 bale spin-off for front loaders.
Bale spin-off for moving and feeding round bales.
  • Eliminate wasted hay; only unroll what cattle will clean up in an hour.
  • Almost no manure buildup; by feeding in a different location each day.
  • Easy operation from the cab of the tractor or Skid Steer.
  • Models for 3-pt, Front Loaders & Skid Steers.
  • Hydraulically driven for better operator control.
  • Rotates in both directions for easy feeding.
  • Cushion valve in the motor provides protection for hydraulic components.
  • Forged tapered spear for easier spear penetration.
Model FSO-906 FLSO-907 SSSO-908
Item No. 831000 831020 831030
Frame Size 4" x 4" Sq. Tubing 3" and 4" Sq. Tubing 3" and 4" Sq. Tubing
Spear Tapered Forged Tapered Forged Tapered Forged
Useable Spear Length 52" 52" 52"
Attaching Method 3-pt Cat. II/III** Front Loader Pin-on* Skid Steer "universal"
Chain Type #50 Roller Chain #50 Roller Chain #50 Roller Chain
Sprocket Ratio 3.75:1 3.75:1 3.75:1
GPM - Requirements 8-10 GPM 8-10 GPM 8-10 GPM
PSI - Requirements Min. 1500 psi Min. 1500 psi Min. 1500 psi
Hoses Supplied (2) Less Ends Less Hoses Supplied (2) Less Ends
Cushion Valve
Factory Setting - Relief 1750 psi 1750 psi 1750 psi
Height 26¾" 23¼" 23¼"
Width 44¾" 60½" 45¼"
Length w/Spear 64¾" 64¾" 64¾"
Weight 250 lbs. 288 lbs. 325 lbs.
* Optional interfacing brackets for most loader quick attach systems are available
** Optional pin & bushing kit available to allow use on Cat. I 3-pt. hitch.