HPD-16 and Q-Series SWO Offset 3-pt Hydraulic post drivers.
Driving post along existing fence lines, ditch banks, or corners is easily done with a SWO model. Hydraulic side shift extends the unit 24” to the left permitting the post driver to reach up to 46” left of the tractors center point. Heavy-duty 3-angle swivel mount pivots the driver 45°, 90° or rear facing for increased versatility. Slide tension adjusters provide easy extension of the unit, while providing support when extended. Two trailer hitch locations are standard.

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Max. Post Size 5” x 8’ 8-3/4” x 9’ 11” x 9’
Impact at Full Stroke 32,000 lbs. 80,000 lbs. 110,000 lbs.
Impact at Half Stroke 16,000 lbs. 40,000 lbs. 55,000 lbs.
Mount Type 3-pt. Cat I/II 3-pt. Cat. I/II 3-pt Cat. II
Tilt Adj. Front/Back 17° each way 17° each way 17° each way
Tilt Adj. Side/Side 20° each way 20° each way 20° each way
Manual Adjust No No No
Hydraulic Adjust Yes Yes Yes
Adj. Cylinders/Size (2) 3” x 6”
(1) 2” x 24”
(2) 3” x 6”
(1) 2” x 24”
(2) 3” x 6”
(1) 2” x 24”
Stabilizer Legs Standard Standard
Big Foot N/A N/A N/A
Slide Blocks Material Nyrim UHMW* UHMW*
Spring Post Holder Standard Standard Standard
Min. Tractor Size 40-45 hp 40-45 hp 50-55 hp
Rear Hitch Category Cat. I or II Cat. I or II Cat. II
Min. Hydraulic Req. 3-4 GPM 6-8 GPM 12 GPM
QuickChange Rod Seal Yes Yes Yes
Q-springs N/A Yes
Valve(s) Sgl./Trpl. Spool Sgl./Trpl. Spool Sgl./Trpl. Spool
Hoses less couplers Standard Standard Standard
Offset (to left of tractor Ctr.) 46” Min 46” Min. 46” Min.
Self Contained Unit N/A N/A N/A
Reservoir Capacity N/A N/A N/A
Pump Type N/A N/A N/A
Pressure Relief Setting N/A N/A N/A
Weight (lbs.) 1683 1878 2194
Product Number 814855 815335 815360
HPD-16/22Q SWO Manual HPD-16 Parts List Click Here HPD-22Q Parts List Click Here Model HPD-26Q Parts List Click Here
Drivers Q Series Manual Hydr. Control Valve & Mounting Bracket Model 26 SWO Hydraulic Control Valve & Mounting Bracket For HPD-16 & HPD-22Q Models SHC Hydraulic Center Mount
WARNING: Read and understand the operator’s manual before operation. Be sure tractor/skid steer is properly counterbalanced. Damage to equipment or personal injury could occur.